Nico giannoulis

Artist / Finance Professional

About Me

I am a self-taught mulitdisciplinary artist working within a whole range of media to satisfy my creative nature and I love to discover new techniques. I am originally from Greece and based in London for over a decade. I started painting when I was 6 but I have only realized that I was not fulfilling my need to be creative elsewhere in my life recently. I am a highly qualified finance consultant & analyst and finance have been my passion for a long time but I needed arts to complement this with something more creative. I have taken various courses during my life, from drawing and painting to photography, pottery and music.

About me & You

I get a great deal of satisfaction when my paintings evoke memories and feelings that I can’t help it but have my work being influenced by colour, process, texture and narrative content to make this happen.

I love it when my art that makes people smile, stare, intrigues or challenges them, art that occupies their mind and unconscious. Lots of my work is nostalgic. I believe nostalgia one of the feelings that makes us move. Nostalgia may be anchored in the past but with a positive trajectory into the future. We want to repeat what makes us happy and we feel happy by feeling nostalgic.

I use themes, colours, process or texture to unveil peoples’ feelings or memories who look at my art to feel or remember something. Art has the potential to fuel the imagination and evokes feelings of strength to undertake, otherwise, challenging tasks. I am a strong believer of owning art is important to our psychological well-being. Having an artwork that brings up feelings to the surface is like a manual for your emotional world. You can always go back and find yourself. Artwork can make something you have to say very clear without you having to say it. It can stimulate your emotions and you brain. Artwork can be very important in a person’s life.

About my Work


I consider myself a versatile artist refusing to relate to one style of art and I prefer not to assign labels and put myself into boxes. I have influences from Pollock, Magritte, Van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne, Klimt, Monet, Dali Hopper, and Manet. I see my style being a harmonic mix of photorealism and surrealism, modernism, impressionism and abstract painting. The brush strokes, deconstruction, layering, fusing and duality are some features of my style of art painting. As I love always to discover something new, I have different ways of expressing at my artwork. My art is about expressing myself and my feelings, the way I see things, demonstrate the current personal but also society’s matters and I like painting for a cause. Those are some of the qualities which can predominantly be seen in my abstract works.

Materials I use

Charcoal, Ink, pencil


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